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Logo Designs & Branding

Pocono Well & Pump

New logo design and branding 


Visualize your mobile billboard 

Advertise Forward

Drive your business forward

Let's get your business promoting in a b.i.g. way

Lets get started / If you have a logo file, please email it to graphics@thebayimage.com

Free 24 Hour Estimates

We offer quick 24 hour estimates.... See how we can help promote your business in a B.I.G. way

Bay Image Graphics

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Robinson Plumbing

B.I.G. Impact

Vehicle Advertising is the best way to promote your business. Big or small, a moving billboard will help get your business noticed!!!

B.I.G. Designs

Have a logo, design or concept? We can help bring your ideas to life with scaled mock ups to insure your design fits your job. 

B.I.G. Print / Production

Latex printers • 3M IJ 180 • Avery MPI 1105

Real Estate of America

Design • Print • Install

We specialize in Vehicle Advertising and can help keep your business Advertising Forward.

Free Estimates

We feel it's important to help your business grow in the right direction.

Advertising Forward

Once we finalize the design, we will begin production and get your vehicle scheduled for installation. 

Green Turf fleet

Fleets Wraps

Fleet wraps are a great way to impact your community in a B.I.G. way. Brand recognition is key to having a long lasting successful business. Clean designs with eye catching colors will help your business Advertise Forward and Green Turf is a great example.

Generate excitement

Make sure your business card is not your only source for branding. Drive your brand and watch your sales grow.

Close the deal

Let your clients know you mean business and are in it for the long haul. Watching a commercial vehicle pull up to a job site is the first step in a long lasting relationship you will have with your clients.

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Bay Image Graphics

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